Single Family Rental/Short-term Rental Program


The City of Garland requires all single family rental properties to be permitted by Code Compliance. The following is required for a property to become permitted as a single family rental property:

  • The landlord/manager must submit a completed permit application for each single family dwelling rented or leased, including duplexes.
  • The application requires certain information about the owner(s), management company and occupants.
  • A yearly fee of $65  must accompany the completed application, unless the property is certified and granted the permit extension.
  • A permit will be mailed to the owner or designated party.
  • The permit cannot be assigned or transferred.
  • A full inspection will be conducted upon each change of tenancy, unless the property is certified. It is the responsibility of the owner/management company to notify Code Compliance of the vacancy and set up an appointment for a full inspection.
  • A copy of the inspection report will be provided to the person in charge (landlord, property manager or designated party).
  • For more information on Short-term Rentals please go here.

Forms & Documents